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Teachers offer writing essays as independent homework with the practical application of theoretical knowledge in the development of any discipline or specialty. The purpose of an essay is to show the level of development of the analytical material, and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in the study of the real situation from the practice of management of organization which is executed in such a way:

  • justification of the theoretical model, which determines the solution to the problem;
  • the aspect of practical activity that implements the theoretical model;
  • evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of the selected model.
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In practical economic and social aspects the innovative model are implemented through:

  • neuromodulatory which allows defining the concept of studied models;
  • the creation of a mechanism of interaction in innovation (strategic) structures and the specifics of behavior of its elements.

One of the most original versions of models of an essay can be a creative homework assignment where a student, a bachelor or a master solves a situation on a given topic of the course, which should interpret the results using theoretical knowledge and implementing practical skills in the form of graphs and tables that will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of the assimilation of knowledge of the course and to assess the real degree of understanding of the studied aspects of the discipline according to the criteria:

  • the disclosure of the relevance of the situation;
  • analysis of theoretical components;
  • the effectiveness of practical solutions;
  • assessment of the new situation;
  • understanding of its solutions;
  • clarity of result – relevance.

Features of the report

A report differs from an essay not only by a volume of 4-6 pages, but the clarity and depth of disclosure, as this is no ordinary writing material, which will be written and presented orally at seminars.

The oral presentation determines the acquisition of new skills:

  • the author should be able to reveal the relevance of the topic;
  • to reflect the novelty of the idea;
  • to prove the very importance of its implementation;
  • to show its economic efficiency.

Features of an essay:

  • the personal perception of the problem and its comprehension. Essay – a subjective genre and that’s why it is is especially valuable; this work allows the commission see the personality of the author, the peculiarity of his position, style of thinking, speech, relationship to the world, and, of course, determine the level of his social science training;
  • a small volume (about a paper of A-4 in writing, or 5 minutes in writing);
  • internal semantic unity, i.e., coherence in key abstracts and statements, internal harmony of arguments and associations, consistency of those judgments, which are expressed in the personal position of the author;
  • the starting point for reflection is often aphoristic, bright statement or definition of a paradox, literally facing indisputable, but mutually exclusive claims, specifications, abstracts. Thus, an essay is characterized by paradoxicality.
  • when you write about the topic it is appropriate to refer to different points of view on the problem or different approaches to its solution, to show the ambiguity of the used terms and concepts with substantiation that value in which they are used in the essay.

When choosing a topic answer such questions:

  • Is this topic interesting for me?
  • Do I understand the meaning of the theme?
  • Do I possess knowledge and skills in order to reveal it?
  • If not, what do I need to done to address the issue in a positive way?
  • How do I treat the things that were written on the topic (agree, disagree, partially agree)?
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